As a Band Leader/Co-Leader:
 "Living in the Question" (2017)

w/ Sono Vero
"Babylon Lady - EP" (2012)

As a Sideman:

w/ Rebelution
"Free Rein" (2018)

w/ Tribal Seeds
"Rude Girl - Single" (2017)
"Surrender - Single" (2016)

w/ The Green
"Marching Orders" (2017)

w/ Mike Pinto
"Hotel Rendezvous" (2017)
"Truthful Lies" (2013)

w/ Jay.Keyz
"Charlotte" (2019)

w/ Jay.Keyz Project
"The Golden Age" (2019)

w/ Pana
"Hibiscus" (2020)

w/ Jonah Jaxon
"Furry Tail" (2019)

w/ Jasmin Nicole
"Rosatina" (2020)

w/ Johnny Suite
"Whatever" (2017)

w/ Kelandy
"Love Revolution" (2018)

w/ Hot Rain
"It Crazy But It Life" (2015)

w/ Jah Gumby
"Humility: The Vibes of Jah G" (2018)

w/ Innavision
"Stick to Ya Roots" (2020)

w/ Adam Everett
"If You Are Weary" (2017)

w/ Leather Tramp
"Leather Tramp - EP" (2015)

w/ Through the Roots
"Arrival" (2019)
"Take You There" (2013)

w/ Fortunate Youth
"It's All A Jam" (2013)

w/ E.N. Young
"Forest Wilderness" (2018)
"Call On Me" (2016)
"Live Love Stay Up" (2014)

w/ Jus Goodie
"Where I Belong" (2020)
"Reggae Rock" (2016)

w/ Leilani Wolfgramm
"Rebel" (2014)

w/ Gonzo
"Rocksteady" (2012)

w/ True Press
"Anything is Possible" (2014)
"Sweet Reggae - EP" (2011)

w/ Eli Mac
"DubStop - EP" (2014)

w/ CSULB Concert Jazz Orchestra
"On a Mission" (2015)

w/ Ryan Basilio & The Roosters
"Birds of Paradise" (2015)

w/ Pacific Dub
"Take Me Away - EP" (2017)

w/ Tigers in the Sky
"Golden Lights" (2015)